The End Of Airplane Mode Era

No more Airplane Mode or Fligt Mode

Passengers in the European Union (EU) will soon be able to make full use of their mobile phones in the air.

Airlines regulated by the European Commission can also offer 5G technology on board, along with slower mobile data. This could mean airline passengers no longer need to put their phones in airplane mode -- though implementation details are unclear.

Member states have until June 30, 2023 to provide 5G frequency bands to aircrafts. That means users can use all of the phone's capabilities during the flight calls as well as data-intensive apps that stream music and video.

Since 2008, the European Commission has reserved certain frequency bands for aircraft so that certain services can provide internet access in the air. But the service has historically been slow, relying on devices to connect people via satellite between planes and the ground.

The new system will be able to take advantage of the faster download speeds of 5G, which according to cellular network EE, can reach 100 Mbps and download a movie in just a few minutes.

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