Perry Como - For The Good Times

Perry Como - For The Good Times

Don't look so sad
I know it's over
But life goes on
And this world keeps on turning, yeah
Let's just be glad
We have this time to spend together
There is no need
To watch the bridges that we're burning
Lay your head (lay your head)
On my pillow, sweet baby
Hold your warm (and tender body) and tender body
Close to mine
Hear the whisper of the raindrops
Blowin' softly against my window
Oh, late at night
(Make believe) make believe you love me
(Make believe) one more time
For the good times
For the good times
I'll get along
And I'm sure you'll find another
But baby, please remember
I'll be here (I'll be here)
I'm gonna stay right here
And if you should ever find you need me, yeah
Don't say a word about tomorrow
Ahh, forever and ever and ever and ever
There'll be time enough for severance, when you leave me
For the good times, oh yeah
For the good times
Lay your head (lay your head)
On my pillow
Oh, this is one time girl (one time)
Hold your warm (and tender body) and tender body
Close to mine ehehehehe
Oh baby, won't you
Hear that whisper, hear that whisper
Of the raindrops, of the raindrops
Blowin' softly, softly
Against my window
All ya gotta do is (make believe), all ya gotta do is
Make believe you love me (make believe)
One more time, for me baby
For the good times (hey baby)
For the good times
And here's what you ought to do
Lay your head on my pillow
I just wanna
(Hold your warm) hold your warm, hold your warm
(And tender body) and tender body
(Close to mine) close to mine

What Is The Decentralized Web And Why Do We Need An Alternative?


Decentralized Web Explained

The Decentralized Web is a system of interconnected, independent, privately owned computers that work together to provide private, secure, censorship-resistant access to information and services.

It is supposed to be like the web you know but without relying on centralized operators. In the early days of the world wide web, which came into existence in 1989, you connected directly with your friends through desktop computers that talked to each other. But from the early 2000s, with the advent of Web 2.0, we began to communicate with each other and share information through centralized services provided by big companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon.

It is now on Facebook’s platform, in its so called walled garden, that you talk to your friends. Our laptops have become just screens. They cannot do anything useful without the cloud, says Muneeb Ali, co-founder of Blockstack, a platform for building decentralized apps. The DWeb is about re-decentralizing things – so we aren’t reliant on these intermediaries to connect us. Instead users keep control of their data and connect and interact and exchange messages directly with others in their network.

Why do we need decentralized web technologies?

With the current web, all that user data concentrated in the hands of a few creates risk that our data will be hacked. It also makes it easier for governments to conduct surveillance and impose censorship. And if any of these centralized entities shuts down, your data and connections are lost.

Then there are privacy concerns stemming from the business models of many of the companies, which use the private information we provide freely to target us with ads. The services are kind of creepy in how much they know about you, says Brewster Kahle, the founder of the Internet Archive. The DWeb, say proponents, is about giving people a choice: the same services, but decentralized and not creepy.

It promises control and privacy, and things can’t all of a sudden disappear because someone decides they should. On the DWeb, it would be harder for the Chinese government to block a site it didn’t like, because the information can come from other places.

The Decentralized Web Awaits

The shift to a truly decentralized web isn’t going to happen overnight. It’s going to take time. The parts of the decentralized internet must be built and perceptions changed.

via Medium, TheGuardian, Feross Aboukhadijeh

The Self-Proclaimed King Of Roma Gypsies Develops Gypsycoin Crypto

Gypsycoin Crypto

Daniel Cioaba, self-proclaimed king of the Roma, announces the development of a new cryptocurrency project: Gypsycoin. In a press release issued in August 2021, the World Congress of the International Roma Union announces that the new project aims to combat discrimination and xenophobia, as well as the social and educational development of the Roma.

"In this sense, GYPSYCOIN has several uses. These are: financing charitable acts, community currency, financing educational projects, long-term financial investments and payments" the release states.

"This project brings an extra element to Roma communities everywhere. Namely, the first universal digital currency of the Roma. The image and design of the project combine traditional with modern elements. This is how the GYPSYCOIN symbol appeared: the traditional gypsy wheel in symbiosis with the circuits of an electronic board. This symbol was designed in this way, meant to be easily recognized ", the source adds.

The Macarena Turns #26

Los Del Rio Macarena

The english version of Macarena was released as a single in 1995, August 15. It was a minor hit until the summer of 1996, when the Macarena dance craze hit America. The song went to #1 in July and stayed there for 14 weeks.

It tayed in the US Top 100 for 60 weeks, the one-time record for the longest run on the singles chart. In 1998 it was overtaken by LeAnn Rimes How Do I Live, which spent 69 weeks in total in the Hot 100. The song's 33-week climb (over two separate chart runs) to the #1 position established the record for the longest journey to the Hot 100's summit.

In the US, this was the biggest dance craze of the 1990s. It was played at weddings, office parties, cruise ships, and just about anywhere there was dancing. Like the earlier dance craze, the Electric Slide, it was easy to learn and was done in a group, making it perfect for Americans who lacked rhythm.

Los Del Rio (Antonio Romeo Monge and Rafael Ruiz) are a Spanish flamenco-pop duo. They were inspired to record this song on a trip to Venezuela when they spotted a beautiful flamenco dancer named Diana Patricia. When the song became a hit, she became known in Venezuela as Macarena. Macarena is a female name which means Mother of God.

This was the first hit for Los Del Rio since 1962 and their only hit in the US.

Los Del Rio - Macarena

I am not trying to seduce you
When I dance, they call me Macarena
And the boys, they say que soy buena
They all want me
They can't have me
So they all come and dance beside me
Move with me
Chant with me
And if you're good, I'll take you home with me
Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena
Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegría y cosa buena
Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Macarena
Hey Macarena
Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena
Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegría y cosa buena
Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Macarena
Hey Macarena
But don't you worry about my boyfriend
He's a boy whose name is Vitorino
I don't want him
Couldn't stand him
He was no good so I (hahahaha)
Now, come on, what was I supposed to do?
He was out of town and his two friends were so fine
Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena
Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegría y cosa buena
Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Macarena
Hey Macarena x2
I am not trying to seduce you
Mac mac mac mac mac mac Macarena
Mac mac mac mac mac mac Macarena
Mac mac mac mac mac mac Macarena x2
Macarena Macarena Macarena Macarena
Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena
Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegría y cosa buena
Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Macarena
Hey Macarena x2
Come and find me, my name is Macarena
Always at the party con las chicas que son buenas
Come join me
Dance with me
And all you fellows chant along with me
Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena
Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegría y cosa buena
Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Macarena
Hey Macarena x5

#10 Most Popular Songs On Youtube

Youtube Most Viewed Songs Ever

YouTube virality is now defined by billions of views, with each of the top 10 most-viewed songs of all time boasting more then three billion vews since being uploaded. But what are they? Check them out below.

7.5 B
Luis Fonsi - ft. Daddy Yankee
5.4 B
Ed Sheeran
5.2 B
Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth
4.3 B
Mark Ronson
4.1 B
3.5 B
Maroon 5
3.5 B
El Chombo ft. Cutty Ranks
3.5 B
Justin Bieber
3.4 B
Katy Perry
3.4 B

August 2021

Zile Libere In #2022

Zile Libere si Sarbatori Legale in 2022

In 2022 sunt 15 zile libere de sarbatori legale si sarbatori religioase impartite astfel:

Sarbatori legale in weekend

Zile de sarbatoari legale in weekend: 3 zile
Zile de sarbatori religioase in weekend: 3 zile

Sarbatori legale in cursul saptamanii

Zile de sarbatori legale in cursul saptamanii: 3 zile
Zile de sarbatori religioase in cursul saptamanii: 6 zile

Ziua Saptamanii
Sarbatori Legale 2022
1 Ianuarie
Anul Nou
2 Ianuarie
A Doua Zi Dupa Anul Nou
24 Ianuarie
Ziua Unirii Principatelor Romane
22 Aprilie
Vinerea Mare
24 Aprilie
Invierea Domnului
25 Aprilie
A Doua Zi De Pasti
1 Mai
Ziua Internationala a Muncii
1 Iunie
Ziua Internationala a Copilului
12 Iunie
Sf. Rusalii
13 Iunie
A Doua Zi de Rusalii
15 August
Adormirea Maicii Domnului
30 Noiembrie
Sf. Andrei
1 Decembrie
Ziua Nationala A Romaniei
25 Decembrie
Nasterea Domnului
26 Decembrie
A Doua Zi de Craciun