26 decembrie 2019

Zile Libere in 2020

In 2020 sunt 15 zile libere de sarbatori legale si sarbatori religioase impartite astfel: Sarbatori legale in weekend Zile de sarbatoar...

16 decembrie 2019

Feng Shui

Fire Earth Metal Water Wood South Center South-West North-East West North-West North East South-East Prestige...

07 decembrie 2019

Classic Blue 2020

Pantone Color Of The Year 2020 Pantone / 19-4052 CMYK / 88-67-20-0 RGB / 51-85-139 HTML / #34558B

10 noiembrie 2019

DIY Insulated Dog House

02 noiembrie 2019

Lettering, geometry art and colors schemes

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02 august 2019

Alok, Felix Jaehn & The Vamps - All The Lies

We were gonna go to Paris We were gonna get tattoos Told my mama I would marry you Started building a foundation Me, you from the g...