DuckDuckGo Creates A Tool That Prevents Apps From Tracking Your Activity

App Tracking Protection from DuckDuckGO

In an era when phone users are becoming increasingly aware of the phenomenon of data tracking, names like DuckDuckGo are gaining popularity. The search engine's newest tool will prevent apps from tracking your activity. The tool is called App Tracking Protection and it gives you the option to opt out of tracking.

The new tool is not part of Android, nor does it come in the form of an individual app. Instead, it's integrated into the DuckDuckGo browser and protects your phone even if you're not using the browser. In an official blog post, the company says its new tool will block trackers it identifies in apps from third-party companies.

Once you enable App Tracking Protection, it will run in the background as you go about your daily tasks. The tool recognises when an app is preparing to send data to a third-party tracker and prevents this transfer, so data remains stored locally.

DuckDuckGo claims that work will continue to identify as many such trackers as possible in an attempt to stop any data transfer from your phone. The graphical interface of this tool will also show you which apps are trying to forward your data, along with the location to which it would be sent.

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