Winamp Is Ready For A Spectacular Comeback. The 90s' App Comes Back With A New Look

Winamp is coming back

Long before the advent of music streaming services, if you wanted to listen to music on your PC, you had to download it or extract it from an audio source, such as a CD. In addition, a music player was needed at that time, and Winamp was widely known and used.

Nowadays, with new platforms like iTunes and other streaming services, the need for a media player is non-existent. However, it looks like Winamp is poised to make a comeback, according to an announcement from AudioValley, owner and parent company of WinAmp, looking to bring it back to the forefront.

However, if you thought you might see the media player revived in its original form, that might not be the case. According to the description on their website: We're building Winamp for the next generation. Not just updated, but completely revamped.

The New Winamp connects you to your music wherever you are. Brings you closer to the artists you love. You can find your favorite podcasts and music radio stations. It looks like AudioValley may be relaunching Winamp as a streaming platform and using the brand to attract attention.

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