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Flat Design Posters

I have always been passionate about drawing and graphics. There were no computers at that time and I spent most of my free time drawing and painting on cardboard from some packaging and when I walked on the street I admired how the companies' logos and inscriptions of the time were drawn.

Of course, when I had my first computer, my first wish was to turn my drawings into a graphic format. So I started with MS Paint, I continued with Corel Draw and now I use Inkscape to turn my ideas into graphics.

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Inspo for Unsophisticated Lives

Inspo for unsophisticated lives

Over time, my passion for design and functional homes have expanded to minimalist interior design and architecture.

Thus, I created INSPOLIS.COM as a collection of ideas to inspire people to transform their homes into a places easy to maintain, easy to move and functional.


Arad City Guide

Arad City

Photography, another passion of mine inspired me to start myARAD.COM as an online tourist guide of Arad City, Romania.

I set out that any visitor or tourist of Arad City to find on the website tourist spots to visit and public utility places without having to read articles that are not of interest.

Online Radios Worldwide

Online Radios Worldwide

I've always liked radio. It relaxes me to listen to the radio when I drive, when I cook, when I clean. I'm fascinated by the beautiful, faceless voices I hear on the radio.