No SIM Card Needed Anymore To Sign Up For Telegram

Telegram No Sim

Telegram has a reputation for bringing many features to the table before WhatsApp, such as multiple account support, channels, and more. The company has announced an update for privacy-oriented users.

The company announced that its latest app update will let you set up a Telegram account without a SIM card. However, you got to buy an anonymous phone number on the Fragment platform. These anonymous numbers can only be used exclusively with Telegram. It's a pretty cool feature if you don't want to tie your existing number to Telegram for whatever reason.

This is not the only update on Telegram app. You also get auto-deletion for chats, improved topic functionality in groups, aggressive anti-spam mode for groups, and the ability to generate a temporary QR code so people can add you without a username or phone number. The company confirmed as well that the storage usage page of the Android app has been rebuilt in line with iOS. This means you can view chat storage usage as well as delete entire media types from chat.


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