#6 Places Where To Sell And Buy Domains Safely


Buy. Park. Sell. Domains

Sedo is one of the leading marketplaces to sell domain names. Creating an account to sell your domain on Sedo is free. You can also view domain names for sale once you create a free account. While considering these domain names, you’ll have access to the domain age, name, and how much money the seller is asking for.

Unlike many other domain marketplaces, Sedo lets you list your domain name for free and make offers if you want to buy a new domain. If you’re looking for a large selection of domain names, Sedo is the best website for you. Whether you want to put your domain name for sale, buy a new domain name, or trade domain names, Sedo is a great place to start, especially if you’re on a budget.


Sell Domains, Buy Domains, Park Domains

Popular as one of the largest marketplaces for domain buying and selling, Afternic com has a worldwide distribution with more than 100 domain re-sellers.

The platform offers a fast transfer capability alongside 75+ million domain searches every month. Once you list your domain with Afternic com, it would be hard not to get it through to the right audience. Afternic com also offers several different ways of domain reselling including offer/counter offer, buy now only, offer/counter offer/buy now and parking pages. Afternic com offers an incredible incremental revenue system while your domain is still listed with the website with its parking page feature.


Flippa: Buy and Sell Online Businesses, Websites

With over 250,000 buyers on the website, Flippa is one of the best places to make money and sell your domain name. By putting up an auction and choosing your price, you can take control over your selling process and list domains that you want to sell all at once.

Flippa is one of the best places to sell your domain quickly since there are so many buyers on this domain name marketplace. Known for its quick domain sales and many domain listings, Flippa is an excellent site for those who want to sell domain names fast for a great price.


Buy and Sell Domain Names

Dan.com was founded as Undeveloped in 2014. Its initial years were somewhat slow, but the company has made a name for itself in the past couple of years as domainers started to park their domains on for-sale landers rather than use traditional parking.

The service offers low fees and accepts credit card payments up to $50,000, making it a useful service to quickly complete domain transactions, even internationally.


NamePros - Buy, Sell, Discuss Domain Names

If you’re a domain investor, NamePros is the perfect marketplace for you. On NamePros, there are people into domain flipping, buying, and selling. A membership on NamePros is free. However, their premium subscription will give you access to more domain buyers and domain portfolio owners.

This domain marketplace will help you launch a domain business and succeed in domain flipping or as a domain investor.


Buy & Sell Domains - Domain Name Auction

NameCheap is an online marketplace with many domain listings for sale at a great price. Whether you’re looking for a new domain name or trying to sell your domain at a reasonable price, NameCheap is one of the best platforms out there.

While domain selling on the NameCheap platform, your listing will be put up quickly, and many interested buyers will be able to see your name. While buying on NameCheap, you’ll be able to view many domain names at a great price. NameCheap also makes domain registration easy by walking you through the process and easily connecting to your business’ website.

Bonus: Escrow

Never buy or sell online without using Escrow

If you want to sell your domain, website, or entire business, Escrow is an excellent platform for you. You can anonymously buy and sell an email address, domain name, website, or business on Escrow. Since this site offers so many activities, it’s a great platform to use for those who want to do more than just selling domains.

Escrow doesn’t pay the seller until the domain name is successfully transferred, making it one of the most convenient and secure domain aftermarket sites out there. This escrow service is a great way to sell your domains and redesign parts of your business.

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