Today In History, Events on August #2

2 August Events In History
First United States Census
1st US census conducted, the population was 3,939,214 including 697,624 slaves.
First Parachute Jump From A Balloon
The first parachute jump from a balloon is made by Charles Guille in New York City.
First Underground Railway Opened
The Tower Subway beneath river Thames in London opened its doors for passengers.
GMT Was Adopted
British Parliament officially adopts Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
Adolf Hitler Becomes Chancellor
German President Paul von Hindenburg dies and Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor.
The US Made Marijuana Illegal
The passing of the Marijuana Tax Act rendered marijuana and all its by-products illegal.
The Arab Federation Is Dissolved
The short-lived federation of Jordan and Iraq was dissolved after King Faisal of Iraq was deposed and assassinated during the 14 July Revolution.
Iraq Invades Kuwait
The invasion lasted for 7 months and ended after a UN-authorized coalition force led by the United States intervened.
Campaign Against Gay Marriages
In 2003, the Vatican launched a global campaign against gay marriages.
Apple Reaches 1 Trillion In Value
Apple becomes the first American public listed company to reach $1 trillion in value.
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