The Self-Proclaimed King Of Roma Gypsies Develops Gypsycoin Crypto

Gypsycoin Crypto

Daniel Cioaba, self-proclaimed king of the Roma, announces the development of a new cryptocurrency project: Gypsycoin. In a press release issued in August 2021, the World Congress of the International Roma Union announces that the new project aims to combat discrimination and xenophobia, as well as the social and educational development of the Roma.

"In this sense, GYPSYCOIN has several uses. These are: financing charitable acts, community currency, financing educational projects, long-term financial investments and payments" the release states.

"This project brings an extra element to Roma communities everywhere. Namely, the first universal digital currency of the Roma. The image and design of the project combine traditional with modern elements. This is how the GYPSYCOIN symbol appeared: the traditional gypsy wheel in symbiosis with the circuits of an electronic board. This symbol was designed in this way, meant to be easily recognized ", the source adds.

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