#18 Things You Think Only You Do

Things You Think Only You Do
  • Peeing in the side of the toilet so its not as loud.
  • When leaving your basement, you are scared of something getting you.
  • Walk around aimlessly when talking on the phone.
  • No magazine on toilet? Read shampoo bottle!
  • I talk to my pet when no one is home.
  • Wipe your hands on your pants
  • When no one's looking, running up stairs on hands and feet.
  • Check behind the shower curtain in every bathroom you go.
  • Laughing on the street because you remembered something that was funny.
  • Make little rectangles on your desktop when waiting for something to load...
  • Look at the clock, then instantly forget what time it is and look again.
  • Open a new Google tab when someone walks in the room.
  • Setting the alarm clock early to can get up and snooze it many times.
  • When soap is running low, you add water to it.
  • Must have the TV volume set to an even number or feel weird.
  • When no one is home, you go in the fridge and drink right out of the bottle.
  • Lay down in bed and get comfortable and then realize you have to pee.
  • Walking into a room and forget why you;re in there.

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