#6 Online Tools To Identify Fonts In Images And Websites

What Font Is In This Image?

What Font Is?

WhatFontIs does a great job of helping you to find font from an image. The portal’s database presently contains as many as 190,000 different fonts. It has one more very handy feature – you can find fonts from an image by specifying the URL of the picture, instead of uploading the picture or its screenshot.

What The Font

WhatTheFont has been on the world wide web for over a decade and it is extremely popular as well. It is one of the biggest repositories of font family that provides thousands of variations for free. It supports both JPG and PNG format and has a collection of more than 133,000 font styles!

Font Squirell Matcherator

Font Squirrel is an awesome website for downloading fonts that also happens to have a very handy little tool called ‘Font Identifier alias Matcherator’. The name alone is enough to reel you in, isn’t it? It is an awesome place that lets you identify fonts quickly, download hundreds of different font types, and even chat with fellow font fans on the blog!

Font Spring Matcherator

This tool claims to be the most robust font detection tool available. It’s very easy to use. You just need to upload your image and click on “matcherate it!”. It has a couple of other features its competitors do not offer. One of them is the image editor. If your photograph is too small, is poorly spaced, or has letters touching each other, you can use the editor to make the adjustments before performing a scan. There is also a tag feature that lets you add characteristics to your upload in a bid to find non-mainstream fonts.

Like Font

LikeFont is a font brand belongs to FontKe.com that provides font identification, brand identification, font download, font search and identification community. With unique font identification algorithm and similarity algorithm, together with artificial intelligence technology, big data technology and search engine technology to improve the accuracy of font identification. LikeFont.com supports Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and all characters around the world.


Typoscan is a free designer tool helping its users to scan typography of any website. Moreover, with the help of our modern editor, you can create your own typography using all the fonts, colors and many other features. What is more, you can share it with your team.

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