#11 Types Of Logo Designs And How They Work

Logos are simple visual symbols which create the brand identity of a business in the market.

Logo Design Types : The more distinct a logo is, the easier it stands out among other brands. A logo can easily bring out the values of a company and establish a connection with the customer. We usually use graphic design software to create logos. There are different types of logo designs which help us to portray our organization. We can come up with colorful and unique different types of logos in graphic design. We can create different types of logo design with typefaces and pictorial images. Let us look into types of logo designs to inspire your brand.

Monogram logos, lettermarks

CNN Monogram Logo

Monogram logos are also known as lettermark logos. They are usually made of letters representing the brand initials. The monogram logos are ideal for companies that choose to use the initials of their names to identify themselves with the customers. Especially, companies with long names can opt for monogram logos. These logos are very simple yet effective. As the logo itself comprises only the initials, it is essential that the company should make sure they choose the right font that is clear and legible. CNN, HBO, IBM, HP are some examples of famous monogram logos.


McDonald's Letterform logo

Letterform type of logo designs are one-letter logos. As it is a single design, it should be bold, beautiful and convey a clear message about the brand. This type of logos can easily be accommodated in any space of business cards, brochures, banners, etc. A good letterform will help the customers remember the entire business name. It is important that the letterform logo should be clearly legible.

Wordmarks, logotypes

Coca-Cola Logotype

Wordmarks are a form of type-based logos that depict the business name itself in creative form. They are also known as logotypes. This type of logo design is apt for businesses with unique and memorable names. As the organization name is distinct, when we combine it with a good typography the brand can be recognized easily among consumers. The font for wordmark logos should capture the product or service the business offers. Coca-cola, Think Visa are some examples of wordmark logos.

Fonts inside a shape, contoured words

Samsung Logo inside a shape

Contoured words are more imaginative than wordmark logos. Generally, the company name is inscribed in shapes such as circle, square, rectangles, etc., Each form of shape represents certain qualities of the organization. Four sided shapes such as square or rectangle represent stability, trust and uniformity of the organization. Whereas, round shape depicts love, completeness, eternity, etc. Samsung, BBC, IMDB are some common examples of organizations with contoured word logos.

Pictorial marks, brand marks, logo symbols

Apple Logo symbol

Pictorial marks are also known as brandmarks or logo symbols. They are symbols that represent the brand name. The reach of logo can be known when people are able to identify the pictorial mark with the company. However, organizations should be careful while choosing the brandmarks because it will be representing them at all levels and instances. The symbol may have a deeper meaning or trigger an emotion about their product. The twitter symbol with the bird logo and the apple logo are some examples of successful pictorial mark logos.

Abstract logo marks

Mercedeas abstract logo mark

Abstract logos usually contain abstract geometric images. These logos are unique and when we get it right it always leaves a stunning image in the customer’s mind. There are many options for creativity as the logo is not limited to a particular shape. A good abstract logo will be unique and portray the whole business idea in it. One best example is Nike brand. The swoosh in it denotes freedom and movement. Some other examples of abstract logos include Pepsi, Adidas,etc.

Mascot logos

Burger King mascot logo

Mascot logos have a graphically designed character. The figure is usually a cartoonish and funny. Mascots become the spokes-character of the brand. This type of logo appeals to kids and family audience. Companies often use people dressed in the form their mascot logo to attract attention around the product in public places. The colonel from KFC, Kool-Aid Man are some examples of mascot logos. However, companies should resize the logos properly to accommodate them in all types of marketing material.

Combination marks

Burger King Combo Mark

As the name states combination mark logos comprise of a type face logo and an image-based logo. Generally, companies place the image and text beside each other or stack them over one another. Combination marks are versatile and help people to easily identify the brand. Moreover, the text and image combination are quite distinct. Hence, it is easy to obtain trademark for combination mark logos. The logo of Doritos and Burger King are good examples of combination mark logos.


Harley Davidson Emblem Logo

Emblem logos are very traditional and classic. They contain a font inside a symbol or an icon. They are similar to seals and badges. The emblem type of logo design is often found in universities, schools and Government agencies. The logo design is quite rigid and hence, it should be simple as well. Intricate emblem logos often make it difficult to incorporate in various marketing materials. The logo portrays confidence and hence, they are also used in many automobile industries.

Slime logos

Nickleodeon Slime Logo

Slime logos are trending type of image-based logos. They are colorful and have a cartoonish tinge to them. Generally, they do not go with standard type fonts and symbols. These logos are creative and have slime-inspired image elements in them. Nickelodeon logos are example of slime logos.

Dynamic Marks/ Adaptable logos

Dynamic Mark Melbourne City

Dynamic mark logos can adapt itself to different contexts. They do not have a standard font-color-text combination. They can vary based on the branding materials in which we represent them. As the name suggests the creativity in theses logos is limitless. We can opt for different styles based on our marketing platform such as social media, blogs, websites, etc.

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