Imi plac lucrurile simple si ma enerveaza al naibii de tare cei care le complica mereu.
Nu mi-e frica de nimic, numai de lucrurile imprevizibile. De cand ma stiu mi-e frica de trasnete.
Nu am realizari deosebite, dar sunt mandru de toti pasii pe care i-am facut pana acum.
In infinitatea sa, prostia umana mi-e indiferenta pana cand devine patologica. In acel moment mi-e indiferent chiar si de indiferenta fata de ea.
Am iesit intotdeauna mai bine decat m-as fi asteptat din situatiile neplacute si nu mi-am putut explica niciodata de ce. Sunt norocos, dar imi place sa cred ca am doi ingeri pazitori.
Nu sunt gurmand si nici nu gatesc. Si nu imi place sa vorbesc despre mancaruri, cum se gatesc ele si cum iti aluneca in gat.
Ma intristeaza cand vad copii bolnavi si/sau nefericiti. Daca as fi Dumnezeu pentru o zi, in prima secunda as schimba asta.
Nu-i inteleg pe acei oameni care se grabesc in timpul programului de lucru. In schimb, ii inteleg perfect pe aceia care se grabesc sa ajunga acasa.
Uneori am nevoie de momente de singuratate si atunci simt ca m-as teleporta pe o insula pustie.
Imi place sa cred ca am o viata linistita, insa uneori, unii au grija sa o intoarca pe dos.
Stiu ca e la moda sa fii optimist, dar e o idiotenie sa afirmi ca orice vis poate sa devina realitate.
Nu ma intereseaza politica. Deloc. Nu am votat niciodata si nici nu o sa votez.
Filmele mi se par plictisitoare, dar ma mai apuca si pe mine din cand in cand.
Prietenii mei ii pot numara la o singura mana. E suficient.
In timpul liber, imi asum dreptul de a fi un om liber.
Sunt fascinat de mintile odihnite.


I like simple things and pisses me off who always complicate them.
I am not affraid of anything, only unpredictable things. I've always been affraid of lightnings.
I haven't great achievements, but I'm proud of all the steps that I have done before.
In its infinity, human stupidity is indifferent to me, until it becomes pathological. Then, even the indifference for stupidity is indifferent to me.
I always came out better than I would have expected from unpleasant situations and I could not ever explain why. I'm lucky, but I like to say that I have two guardian angels.
I am not greedy and nor do I cook. And I don't like to talk about food, how to cook and how it slips into the throat.
It saddens me when I see unhappy and/or sick children. If I were God for a day, in the very first second I would change that.
I don't understand people who rush while they're on duty. Instead, I understand those people who are rushing to get home.
Sometimes, I need solitude moments and then I would like to teleport myself on a desert island.
I think I have a peaceful life, but sometimes, some people care to agitate it.
I understand it's fashionable to be optimistic, but it's simply silly to say anything it's possible. Ask me and I will tell you at least ten thousands impossible things.
I am not interested in politics. Not at all. I have never voted and will not vote ever.
Movies are so boring, but it grabs me from time to time.
I can count my friends on one hand. It is enough.
In my free time, I take the right to be a free man.
I am fascinated by rested minds.